Mobile Web Development

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Our mobile development experts at Top Shelf Design are experienced and tech-savvy with a solid background in website development. After we create your website for your business we proceed in optimizing your website for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets so your website visitors can have an immersive and pleasant user experience. We know what works when it comes to molding your website to fit smaller screens, and we consult with you on our optimization process.

The majority of consumers today use their mobile devices for everyday activities such as browsing the web, downloading files, ordering products online, sharing social media posts, and much more. In a world where much of our lives have become digitized, having a site optimized for mobile is essential for every business. After we make your website fully responsive for mobile, our servers will be able to detect critical elements like screen size so all website content can be displayed properly for easy viewability for your website visitors.

Designing for Mobile Devices

The hardware for mobile devices is very different compared to the hardware characteristics of a desktop or laptop computer. Their screens are obviously smaller, and when a mobile device is rotated either horizontally or vertically, the orientation of the screen changes between portrait or landscape mode. At Top Shelf Design, we make sure that every essential element of web content is displayed properly on all screen types and for every screen orientation.  

Responsiveness is Key

After your website goes live with an active domain name, there is a very high chance people are going to visit your website from their mobile devices. First impressions are important regarding a  website that represents your brand or your business. For instance, if someone visits your website on their mobile phone and it’s in disarray with displaced text and cluttered sections of images and video, your website visitor may feel compelled to leave the site in favor of your competitor because it was not shown properly. This is why it’s very important to present an optimized website to mobile users so they can experience your product or service with ease of navigation and an intuitive feel.       

The Power of Code

A good majority of responsive websites are built with the aid of well-written code that centers around detecting screen size and screen orientation. Our website development team utilizes markup and programming languages such as HMTL, CSS, and JavaScript to tweak the spacing of text, resize images, and create dynamic website menus for mobile screens. We want to save our clients time and money, and that is why instead of creating a new version of their website for a specific mobile device, we use our coding expertise to enable every website we design for our clients to detect screen resolution. With our dedicated team of web developers and user experience experts at Top Shelf Design, we do the hard work so as our client, you can enjoy the benefits of improved mobile usability and responsive design. 

A Seamless Experience

With our technical knowledge of mobile web development, we can create the perfect user experience your website visitors will love. After we finish optimizing your website, your business will be better positioned to attract more customers online with a top-tier mobile-ready version. We also take into consideration loading speed, file size, and the color dynamics of every mobile website development project we work on. We make sure that text content, data, images, video, and color integrate together in a harmonious fashion.

Start Optimizing Your Site for Mobile

You don’t need to be a web developer or a programmer because once you hire us to optimize your website for mobile devices, you will receive a professional team of experts that can transform a slow, disorganized, and cluttered mobile site into a fast and intuitive revenue-generating machine that will benefit your business.

Since mobile screens are confined to the amount of content they can display according to screen size, it’s important to consider what type of content needs to be prioritized. We ask of this from all of our clients during the consultation phase, where we gather all the details and goals for your project. On a mobile device, for example, a website visitor will likely be compelled to click on the first piece of content they see, such as a CTA button, a contact form, or a product description. There are many different approaches web development companies take to make a website mobile-friendly, but we take steps that best work for your business and your website.