Excelicon Website Design and Development

Excelicon is a long-time client of Top Shelf Design. We have worked directly with their founder over the years, helping to improve their online presence as their company’s vision has evolved. In recent years, their success has taken off and they were ready to see that reflected in their branding. They partnered with a marketing firm to develop their new aesthetic, and worked with us to implement it in their new website.

Above all, their website needs to be quick and simple. The world of government contracting can move at a mile a minute, and their site needs to reflect that dynamic nature. We edited a simple movie for them to inject some motion into their home page in a very cost-effective manner, and built a sortable online post library to allow for easy promotion of their latest work. We built all of this into a pre-formatted page builder system to allow the marketing firm easy access to all of the site’s content for any updates they may need to add in the future.

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