CEW Website Resource Library

For the Georgetown Center on Education and the Workforce, we were brought in as a partner with their internal website redevelopment team. Their issue was straightforward – they had amassed a large library of resources relevant to their research. The publications themselves are doing just fine, but they wanted a more dynamic presence for their resouces, one that would allow users to further their own research, by allowing them to view source materials for themselves.

In order to make this happen, Top Shelf Design built a custom resource media library that would integrate with their existing page builder system. In order to accomplish this, we needed to work directly with the client to prepare their data, enter it into their CMS, and develop a data structure that would allow the client to build upon their work.

We built for them a resource library that integrated a comprehensive data strategy, several off-the-shelf plugins, custom live-reloading capabilities and URL endpoints to create a dynamic online library that seamlessly integrates with their existing development strategy.

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