Event and Conference Collateral

Top Shelf Design Professional Services

When you have your next big corporate event for your business, you’ll want to have marketing materials present at the venue to engage your audience. At Top Shelf Design, we create a variety of event marketing materials for all your business needs that will keep your audience engaged. 

As a business owner, event planner, or marketing professional, you can benefit from our expert team of graphic designers and creatives at Top Shelf Design, we specialize in eye-catching and informative event and conference collateral that can make your special event more memorable.  

Whether you are promoting your product, service, or another aspect of your business, it’s important to have marketing materials that give your guests and audience members a sense of connection with the event. Some examples include brochures and catalogs, even a newly released issue of a magazine. Depending on the occasion of the event, we work with each of our clients to determine their event and conference collateral needs, to meet their exact goals.

Marketing Materials for Your Event

Event planning is already a stressful enough job as it is and designing every piece of marketing material for your event can be overwhelming without the proper help. Our team of creatives at Top Shelf Design is ready to make your next business event a success with unique and eye-catching event collateral that will impress your guests. 

Not only is marketing your event important but offering guests and invitees engaging and thoughtful event collateral gives a positive impression on a personal level. A brochure or a pamphlet for the schedule of events provides a tangible piece of marketing material that makes the event more engaging. Guests and invitees then have something they can hold and share with their friends or family afterward.     

Promotion and Brand Awareness

A call to action is the objective of event marketing materials, after all, it is advertising your event. Posters, brochures, or banners, just to name a few, can exponentially enhance the overall experience of the event for everyone by providing personal touchpoints for them to interact with. Each guest or invitee will receive event collateral that has a branded company logo and colors that align with your business. 

Engage With Your Audience

Audience engagement is key when advertising a business event, and when thinking about what marketing materials you think you should have. After discussing your event with us, we can provide you with a list of marketing materials we think will be most effective. 

Our team at Top Shelf Design understands you may have a budget, deadlines, and requirements, and we take them all into consideration to ensure you have exactly what you need and at an affordable price. 

In today’s age of business and marketing, other companies think they can do marketing collateral better, but what makes us unique, is our creative prowess and industry knowledge of what sells. We help our clients win by helping them to appeal to an audience, and reduce bland and unengaging content.

Defining Your Business Message

Investing in marketing materials for your event will gradually show a return on investment, and at Top Shelf Design, that is what we seek for all of your clients. Through the design of event collateral, we provide your event with a brand identity that aligns with the goals of your business. This can set you apart from competitors and other companies. 

It helps to define the overarching message of your business so all event collateral can align with your brand, product offering, and services. If you are a marketing manager or business owner that specializes in asset management and real estate for example, then collateral should be about showcasing industry trends in the real estate industry and how to manage properties.          

Part of our mission here at Top Shelf Design is to build rapport with suspecting guests and invitees by building a story people can relate to. By sharing the theme and purpose of your event, we strategize and outline drafts for marketing and promotional material for your business, and afterward, submit them to you for review and approval.