Infographic Design

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At Top Shelf Design, we design infographic materials for your business so you can communicate exactly what you need to clients, business partners, managers, and investors, in a clear, concise, and creative way. That are so many benefits infographics can offer your business that stand-alone text cannot. 

Business communication can be complex, but it doesn’t need to be. We utilize custom graphics, fonts, and images to present information and data. Our beautifully hand-designed infographics can engage your target audience and retain their attention.

Infographics are about telling the story of your business. We assist you in organizing data and transforming it into a visual portrayal so that your target audience can better understand your service, product offering, or other feature. 

There are many reasons to use infographics for your business, after all. They are eye-catching, informative, expressive, and contain essential information for your readers. With extensive experience in infographic design, our graphic designers at Top Shelf Design are committed to improving our client’s business communications.

Why Use Infographics?

In the digital age of today, visual communication is more important than ever before, as visual images and graphics have become a popular method to acquire and retain readers’ attention. When words are not enough, infographics prove to be very effective in communicating a message that will resonate with readers. 

Large corporations know how effective infographics can be, and that is why they have large marketing and creative departments that develop all of their communication materials. We don’t want our clients to be left behind or second-rate to their competitors. At Top Shelf Design, we leverage our expertise and skills to create infographics and marketing materials that exceed expectations and are effective in their delivery.

Our goal for all of our clients is to create expressive and informative infographics that make complex information easier to understand and can be helpful in the following:

  • Providing a brief description of a subject
  • Simplifying a complex process
  • Showcasing data and research
  • Summarizing a publication or report
  • Comparing and contrasting information

Our Creative Process

Contacting our agency is the first step and once we get a feel for your company and your communication goals, we can get to work in drafting the perfect set of infographics tailored to your exact specifications.    

Visual Elements 

Long lines of text can be mundane and ineffective in capturing your readers’ attention. They may offer a lot of information but a lack of visual appeal can cause your audience to become disinterested. At Top Shelf Design, we transform business data and statistics into creative visuals representations so your audience can easily understand them. 

Engaging Your Target Audience

Understanding your target audience is important, but it’s even more critical in delivering the information with the right medium. Through custom-crafted infographics, we present your company information with a creative flair that is guaranteed to lead to better readership, retention rates, and comprehension. 

Saving Time and Money

Your business communications expenses could be reduced by opting for our infographic services. These services transform complicated information into beautifully presented infographics that offer a good return on investment. You don’t have to settle for bland marketing materials.

Quality and Proportions

At Top Shelf Design, we utilize best industry practices in developing our infographics in conjunction with graphic design software. This allows us to determine the right size, proportions, and amount of text that will fit in each infographic design.

Vibrant Colors 

Content is not the only element that makes up an infographic because colors are equally important. Color palettes can resemble the colors of your business or brand, or we can incorporate other colors where needed.

Infographics We Create

In the world of visual communication, infographics can be categorized in various ways, but in general, there are three areas infographics fall into:

Data visualization – If your business needs to communicate large and complex amounts of data, we design infographics that will seamlessly incorporate all those data points into an easy-to-read form factor.

Information design – Sometimes, design needs to be functional and understood by various audiences. We take hard-to-understand information and categorize it into an informative design such as chronology, hierarchy, and other processes.  

Editorial infographics – We also assist businesses by creating infographics for their blogs, newsletters, and magazines that add an extra layer of creativity and engagement. 

Hire Us For Your Business or Next Project

As a business owner or marketing professional who is looking to get more reader engagement out of the information you want to share with the world, hiring a creative agency like Top Shelf Design is the right choice. Our graphic design team understands how complex business data and information can be and that is why we aim to create visual narratives and infographics that tell your business’ story.