Branding + Website Design for TCPP

May 5th, 2015


The Career Path Partners was founded to help young professionals find success in their career searches. As the current U.S job market continues to evolve, hiring trends and tendencies also continue to change. The Career Path Partners is a team of coaches with a wealth of experience. Over the years, The Career Path Partners have coached hundreds of job seekers using their comprehensive curriculum.

Logo Design

The Career Path Partners logo


Top Shelf Design worked with The Career Path Partners to create a brand their company. For the logo, our designers paired a modern, stylized take on a traditional compass with a sleek typographic treatment to the right. The symbol of the compass represents guidance, journey, and moving forward all of which TCPP work with their clients to achieve in their career search.

Website Design

The clean and modern feel of the logo was carried over in the design of the website. Overall, the website is very modern and sleek in order to appeal to their target market of young, aspiring professionals. The imagery used throughout the site was also chosen to appeal to the desired lifestyle their target market.

About TSD

Top Shelf Design is an award-winning Arlington Web Design firm, with more than ten years of experience in web design, web development, logo design, and branding.

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