Code Is Timeless

June 19th, 2017

An ode to the Algorythm

A website is a story. As a user checks out a menu, clicking around the site – they are reading the story of your organization. Language, however, is very fluid. This can make for a strange pairing with the rigidity of web code, but for today’s developer, it is a pairing that shapes careers. Building code that maintains its structure while facilitating the conversation your website has with its visitors is the holy grail of development. There are four “dialects” of the code language that we use to build our websites, today we’ll be talking about two of them.

HTML – Hypertext Markup Language – the spoken word of the internet. The core idea of “hypertext” is linking pages together in a “web”. In the very beginnings of the internet, it was all about sharing text over a phone line. That text is HTML.

PHP – Pre Hypertext Programming (aka “Personal Home Page”) – this language introduces logic functions into HTML. It’s not the trendiest way of doing it, but it’s robust, it’s secure, and it works.


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