A Whimsical Site for The Joker's Bakery

December 23rd, 2014

The Jokers Bakery New Site

The Joker’s Bakery is the brainchild of Chef John Ralston. The bakery, based locally in Washington D.C., specializes in creating delectable, artisanal cheesecakes – perfect for any occasion! The Top Shelf team thoroughly enjoyed with The Joker’s Bakery to create a delicious new website to showcase their cheesecakes. The theme of the playing cards, specifically jokers, is intricately woven throughout the design of the website. The aesthetic of the entire site captures Chef John’s whimsical personality, but still maintains a modern and trendy aesthetic.

TSD Role

Prior to launch, Top Shelf had worked with the Joker’s Bakery to create a gorgeous landing page to use as a placeholder while their site was under construction. The landing page [below] was derived from the aesthetic of the site as a whole. This allowed for a smooth transition from the landing page, to the launch of the site. This also allowed the Joker’s Bakery to collect and fill orders for their cheesecakes during the holiday season when such delicious treats are in high demand!

Jokers Bakery Landing page

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