A Virtual Museum for Stafford County, VA

June 27th, 2014
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Stafford County Museum and Cultural Center 


TSD recently had the pleasure of working with the Stafford County Museum and Cultural Center to design and create their new website. This new site is a comprehensive and interactive virtual museum that presents all of Stafford County’s rich cultural history beginning with prehistoric times and ending with modern history. Our designers got creative in order to display hundreds of years of history in a unique, intriguing and engaging way. The home page features a sleek, scrolling timeline, including visuals like imagery and maps, to highlight specific and notable historic icons from the county. As you explore deeper into the site, you will find interactive exhibits, photo galleries and historical resources.

There is certainly no shortage of fascinating information in this site. So, take a moment to explore this highly innovative virtual museum for yourself – and…

Learn something new about Stafford County, VA along the way!

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