Berard AIT Website

Berad AIT is a form of Audio Integrated Therapy to help patients with language disabilities. This is a highly specialized form of therapy which draws teachings directly from Dr. Guy Berard. There are strict guidelines to ensure the quality of both the therapist, and the materials used during the sessions. They maintain an international database of licensed practitioners and use their website to promote the responsible use of the practice.

In addition to a website overhaul, they wanted to integrate that database with the website. We built a map that reads directly from their database to display the geographic position of their entire membership list. In addition, the information is sortable and searchable – and draws from multiple categories in the database to populate multiple instances of the map, so they are able to have a separate map for those who are licensed to teach the practice. All of this increased functionality comes with no additional labor cost for them. We are using the same data that they are already maintaining.

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