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Branding says everything, it can make or break your company. That’s why you want to get it right the first time. When you think of your logo, it needs to represent your core values and the message you want to get across.

Your Logo Design

Your brand logo speaks volumes. Imagine writing your name on paper and handing that out to a large number of people. You would ensure it was written clearly so that everyone knows who you are. Your logo also has to be clear so the onlooker knows who you are, with little question. 

Your Name

When you think of renowned brands, such as Nike, Amazon, and Google, they all use clear and simple branding. By keeping it minimal, the consumer knows who they are just by looking at their logo. If you take McDonald’s, such a simple logo, yet we all know them. When creating your logo, you should consider something plain that will express your message, with barely any wording. Remember your logo will be on your business card, your company t-shirts, invoices, anything, and everything. Yes, that little picture is selling you, and you have to come up with a way that’s going to attract your audience. 

Who We Are

That’s what you need to do as a company. You need to sit down and discuss the following questions. Who are we? Why did we start the company? What are our core values? What sets us apart from the rest? What do we want our customers to recognize us for? Once you answer, designing your logo is going to be a whole lot easier. You now know what you want your customer to envision, you may begin to pick colors and wording to express yourself. 


Begin by literally putting everyone’s ideas down on paper, and remember, no idea is bad. Sometimes someone will say a word, and that will spark the idea that everyone will be talking about. Think outside your box, which entails asking friends and family. You’ll be surprised about how much they know about your business already. Sometimes, because they are less involved, they have a clearer vision.

Vision Boards

Now you have a little more about what words you want to use. You can decide to think about colors, images, phrases, slogans, anything that sparks inspiration. The more you have, the closer you will get to your final design. We suggest looking at sites like Top Shelf Design to get some ideas. 

Competition – Don’t Be Good Be Great

Look at your competition to get some ideas of what’s on the market, and then step yours up a notch. When you check out what your competitor is doing, consider the missing gaps, the ones your business will fill, and then base your design on that. If everyone in your sector has a white background, review why they are using white and decide if a different color could make it more modern, and or other ways that set will your business apart from the rest. 


When designing your logo, you need to deliberate over what will be relevant for decades to come. If you go for a logo that’s so out there, you might be interesting for five minutes, but then it loses its touch. Classic styles remain current even when trends change. Ageless designs are achievable by keeping them clean and using typical fonts. A classic style will let your audience know you are here for the long haul. Old school styles remind people of nostalgic memories and good times, allowing customers to sense history. By choosing something modern, it will bring your brand up to date. Opting for a fun vibe can be useful if your brand aims at young people, as you show you’re playful. Handmade logos are excellent if your price mark is high as it sells a higher level of quality. 

A/B Testing for Your Logo

For your brainstorming or once you’re ready to put forward a few ideas, social media is going to be your best friend. Run a poll on your social media and gain potential customer’s ideas. You should even ask questions to gain feedback. Gaining an insight will give you ahead over your competitors. Your logo is just as important as the day you decided to open your business. By choosing carefully, you could just become the new leader of your niche.

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