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The Alliance for Regenerative Medicine is an organization that offers a value to their members. One of these values is as a research aid in the development of materials related to their core mission. We received a notification that the client was receiving a large amount of requests for a subset of information from a database they maintained. This was eating up a bunch of their time trying to fulfill these requests, and they wanted to know if there was a method that we could use the website to help out. Working with the client, we devised a method of attaching an excel spreadsheet to their website in a form that would allow for the interpretation of it’s contents by the website. This allows us to display the information on the site in a searchable manner. To start, we allowed keyword searching, and filtering by several categories on the spreadsheet. To top it off, we allow the user to download the set of retuned data as their own spreadsheet if they want, so that they can continue their research on their own.