Failing Our Kids

The American Federation for Children (AFC) seeks the fundamental transformation of public education by breaking down barriers to educational choice. We believe public education must be defined as providing families with the public funding they need to choose the education they determine is best for their children.

The American Federation for Children envisions an education system where parents are empowered to choose the best educational environment for their child, where innovation and entrepreneurism revolutionizes our education system, ensuring all children, especially low-income children, are provided with the opportunity to receive the finest education possible, whether it be in a traditional public school, public charter school, virtual learning, private school, home school or blended learning.


The Project

As part of their Failing Our Kids campaign, AFC asked Top Shelf Design to create an engaging one-page website to encourage parents and others to register for email updates. We used animation, vibrant colors, and engaging fonts and colors to make it happen.

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