Choosing the Best Web Design Firm in Baltimore

October 9th, 2013

As you Google search for the best web design firm in Baltimore, you’ll come up with a lot of flashy results. Companies will claim to be cutting-edge, award-winning, and use the latest technology. At Top Shelf Design, we encompass all of those characteristics, but we take it one step further.

Our 100% custom web design and development experience makes us the best web design firm in Baltimore.

What does this mean? It means that instead of showing you a few templates, we ask you questions. We’re local, so we can even do this in person. We then brainstorm, sketch, and create a custom web design built just for you. Our web design is built to do the job you need done: finding more customers, increasing membership, advancing a cause, or building a social media presence.

Looking for the best Baltimore Web Design Firm? Here’s what we believe:

  • Design matters: We not only believe that fonts, colors, and pictures are important, we also believe that great design drives the user experience.  It makes finding information easy, and it guides users to content that they didn’t even know they were looking for.  We create websites that look great, but are also clean, easily-navigated, and functional.
  • Communication matters: We’ve been in business long enough to know that all design firms do not approach their clients and projects the same way.  Our approach is responsive, hands-on, and organized.  All of our clients have direct and ongoing access to both their Lead Designer (a senior member of our team) and the company’s ownership.  We like to meet in person, and we love feedback.
  • Deadlines matter: Our clients receive a full and comprehensive project schedule at the kick-off meeting, which lists all deliverable due dates (both TSD’s and our Client’s).  We simply don’t miss deadlines.
  • Experience matters: We like to be consultants, and not just technicians.  We respect and adhere to our clients’ ideas, but we also bring our own ideas to the table.
  • Details matter: We’ve been called the “most type-A creative firm you’ll ever meet.”  Our Quality Assurance (QA) is rigorous and we keep the project organized.


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