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January 4th, 2017
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When the founders of Elevate Transportation surveyed the competition in early 2015, they found that almost universally, the branding of transportation companies in Raleigh NC was dated, at best.  With so many limo companies sporting 90’s-era logos, they knew that joining the crowd from a branding standpoint wouldn’t do.

Elevate was founded not simply to provide transportation services, but to truly elevate the industry’s standards.  To bring this vision to life, Top Shelf Design created a new logo for the company, bringing the color orange into play, and providing a look that was modern and elegant.  With the prevalence of technology and innovation in Raleigh, this new brand speaks to its client base, promising service and convenience that surpasses the current industry expectations.

Elevate Transportation used this new brand in licence plates, vehicle magnets, banners, brochures, and internet promotions.  The new logo is best viewed, however, on the front license plate of a Mercedes S550 as it picks you up from the RDU airport!

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