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The Top Shelf Office Upgrade (Part 1)

By: TSD Admin

A Simple Challenge

Everyone wants to work at the coolest place. We have been at our new location in Rosslyn for about two years before that new office smell started to wear off .The offices at Top Shelf are always super busy, so when we get a chance to think about our office – we really like to challenge ourselves. For a long time, we’ve been using IKEA furniture. Not exactly what you’d expect from such a modern creative firm. We knew we wanted stand / sit desks, but we needed something cool. We did our research and found two vendors who could help us build something truly unique. We wanted something clean and modern, with that classic semi-industrial feel.

Not bad, but it was clear we could do better.

The office space that we currently have is our blank canvas. The day-to-day work always has to come first, but we’re a fluid group. When we have a few minutes here and there, we discuss ideas of what we want to do to our space to make it ours. Decorations, painting, building neat stuff, creating a top-notch teleconferencing / conference room – we’re an ambitious bunch. This time around, we wanted to upgrade our desks. There were a few other ideas floating around the office, but we all started to like the concept of the standing desks. So – with a starting point in mind, we got to work.

The First Arrivals

The first thing we could all agree on were the chairs. We upgraded to drafting style chairs that would fit with our taller desks. We went back and forth on heights, made our choice and ordered. It was pretty exciting to get them!

With that out of the way, it was time to move on to the tables. We went with Butcher Block desktops sitting on top of steel frames. We just needed to treat the wood, build the bottoms and screw everything in. No sweat!

design agency DC

We were a little excited.

No, we will not be patient.

We took one of our beautiful new butcher block tops, and one of our chairs and assembled a model. We needed to see what we had gotten ourselves into. Since the wood looked so nice, we decided to hold off on staining it, and just did some polyurethane clear-coating. It’s hard to beat nature’s natural designs (not that we don’t try every day). Meanwhile, we’ve got all this totally sweet palette wood in the office, and we couldn’t let that go to waste.

What do you think? This could look pretty neat...

... and we built a wall!

In for a penny...

We are nothing if not an ambitious bunch. The concept here is a palette wall as a wainscoting, with chalkboard paint behind it for sweet murals.  We put just about everything up, save for the top row of the wood, and painted behind it. Our metal piping for the desk legs was taking a little longer than expected, and we were in the throes of a remodeling bug, so why not? For a few days, we were switching between providing top-notch client services and painting, hammering, sawing, and just altogether having way too much fun at work.

Please pardon our dust as we revolutionize your Print, Web and Branding needs.

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