Our Design Philosophy

We're a graphic design and web development firm that looks at our work differently. You'll notice the difference from start to finish. Our commitment to covering every detail, hitting every deadline, and pushing the limits of design (as far as our client wants) sets up apart from other firms. We invite you to get to know us, and experience the difference working with a talented team that truly cares about your end product.



We challenge you to explore your organization from a variety of perspectives—your target market, future goals and culture. During our relationship we strive to intimately understand your organization in order to design a piece that is as unique as you are to your industry.



Our design process is centered around collaboration—between the design team and with our clients. Through a unique and proprietary design process, we start with our client’s ideas and take them to new levels. The lead designer gathers input from other creative minds within our group and presents a design that is both understandable and visually stimulating.



Top Shelf Design’s team consistently produces effective and cutting-edge web, print and branding material using the highest quality technology and materials to visually communicate your message. From the designers to the account managers, we promise that you'll love working with Top Shelf Design.